Everyone Has A Money Story

A personal narrative that drives how you think about and handle your money. Your money story can help you or hold you back from achieving your best.

  • Are you worried about your retirement savings?
  • Do you have your important legal, financial and insurance documents up to date, and are they sufficient in case of a Live Event?
  • Do you need communication tools with your spouse?
  • Are you in credit card debt, or find yourself struggling to get from paycheck to paycheck?
  • Do you or your loved ones know how to locate your important documents in case of a Life Event?

These are just a few of the questions that Jane Helm and Karen Smith of Money Mentor Group can focus on while working with you. They have a passion for assisting you with two important aspects of your financial life:

  • Understanding the root of your relationship with money and teaching you simple steps to help you control your money, instead of letting your money control you.
  • Organizing your important documents, recognizing potential gaps within those documents, and leaving a guide for you and your loved ones in case of a Life Event.

They work one-on-one with you to help bring about clarity with your financial picture or organization of important documents, and help create a path of awareness and accomplishment in these areas.

What the clients are saying...

“From the moment I began working with Jane, I felt a huge sense of relief. I finally found someone I could open up to without fear of judgement. She helped me feel like a weight was being lifted off my shoulders.” TA., Frederick, MD

“Jane is different than any other financial professional as she is empathetic and seems to be able to recognize my strengths when working on strategies in recreating my financial life. She didn’t try to sell me any products, but narrowed in on the day-to-day tools I can use to move forward with my money.” H.M., Myersville, MD

“Thank you for being one of the best listeners and for letting me be so relaxed when talking with you. I feel like you are my financial best friend.” C.H., Frederick, MD

“My husband was reluctant to meet with a Financial Coach, but agreed because the topic of money was always hard for us. After working together with Jane, we now have a new way to communicate about our finances, which has spilled over in great ways in other aspects of our life.” A & T, Frederick, MD

“Financial coaching was really like the final chance for us. We fought over every nickel and dime, and who was to blame for the constant struggle with paying bills and making ends meet. We are now learning how to work together with this and it feels great.” B & C, Urbana, MD

Coaching and Educational Services

Individual Coaching

Overcome roadblocks and set up a personalized plan that works for you.

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Couples Coaching

Learn to work as a team to reach your financial goals through enhanced communication skills and goal setting.

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Financial Wellness

Boost employee productivity by giving them access to a money mentor when needed.

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Motivational Speaking

Be inspired to create a new approach to living a life of harmony with your money.

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