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Helping individuals, couples, and business owners replace money worries with financial confidence.

What if you could:

Sleep at night instead of worrying about your money

Create a custom Saving and Spending Plan

Finally pay off that nagging debt

Build money harmony with your spouse

Learn how money works

Set future financial goals and stick to them

Are You Ready for These Results?

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have a gift in facilitating people through difficult conversations with compassion and in several sessions taken us down a path that led us to clarity in our retirement goal. We would not have been able to do this without you!"

- K&B, Frederick, MD

"For twenty years - as a couple - we were individually spending money without thinking of how it was coming out of a combined bucket. Jane helped us understand our spending triggers, weaknesses, and personalities. We are now confidently addressing our current financial situation and looking forward to the future using our new found Jane-tools."

- D.A., Adamstown, MD

"Jane Helm, our Money Mentor = Financial ZEN. No kidding! We feel more secure with the knowledge that Jane helped us realize, and we feel more confident about budgeting and planning our financial path. Our new motto is 'What would Jane say?'"

- J&G, Jarrettsville, MD

"(F)rom the first introductory call to the final session, Jane was professional and her methodology to get us on track was an eye-opener and very effective. She has allowed us to correct the behavior and get on a plan to eliminate our debt. Never judgmental and a pleasure to work with. Truly a great coach."

- R.A., Adamstown, MD

"In our marriage, my husband and I didn't talk about money or goals.  This led to lots of arguments and tears. Through Jane's expert coaching advice coupled with her total acceptance of our finances without any judgment, we now have a monthly budget and a plan to get out of debt while adding to our savings.  We couldn't have done it without her.”

- K.D. Bradenton, FL

"Pause...the best 5 letter word I could have ever learned. Jane got me on track with my finances with the help of this little word. I’m more secure with my budgeting and spending and have never been so happy. Once your finances are in check all aspects of your life come together. THANK YOU doesn’t say enough!!!"

- D.R., Frederick, MD

"We hired Jane to work with our adult child who was getting into trouble with his money. Jane has a unique ability to communicate with him and has proven her skills in making a positive impact on his finances. Thank you, Jane!"

- S.D. Urbana, MD

"We have worked with Money Mentor Group and Jane Helm for nine months and would highly recommend our experience.

The goal was to have a monthly financial plan and reporting structure in place. In order to do that we needed to take a long hard look at our spending habits and priorities. This was an interesting (and alarming) exercise! Using the techniques and strategies developed by Jane and her team we worked together to formulate a spreadsheet that was realistic and achievable. Their approach is thoughtful, caring and non-judgmental.

We are more cognizant of purchases both made and anticipated for the future. We believe we are now on a financial path toward success. This is a huge relief!"

-C.P, Bethesda, MD

"Jane is compassionate and can teach you about your challenges with money with a unique approach that results in creating a plan to transform your money management and mindset! Thank you, Jane for guiding me and changing my life forever!"

- K.H. Rockville, MD

"Jane and Money Mentor Group has been my lifeboat when I felt like I was drowning. Together we have built skills and confidence to move forward that will last a lifetime." NL, Frederick, MD

One-on-One Coaching

Overcome roadblocks and set up a personalized plan that works for you.

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Corporate Financial Wellness

Boost productivity and profits by providing Financial Wellness programs to your staff.

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Business Coaching

Gain clarity and focus on how to decrease overwhelm and increase efficiency and profitability.

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Leaving a Legacy

Give you and your loved ones a peace of mind.

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