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11 Reasons You Need a Financial Coach This Year

financial coach

Have you ever heard the saying “More money, more problems”? While many think this is true, it really isn’t. It doesn’t matter if you make $20,000 a year or $200,000 a year, the behaviors you have with money are going to be what determines how troublesome money is to you. Unfortunately, but fortunately, the way we feel about money and the way we behave with it are often shaped by our childhood experiences and “role models” we had. For example, if you’re told that “money doesn’t grow on trees” most of your life then you probably won’t feel like money is abundant and you most likely will behave in the same way. You may not spend much and be what some may call a penny pincher all because you have a scarcity mindset. The good news is that once you’re aware of this, you can change the way you think and feel about money as well as the way you behave with it. 

No matter what your upbringing was, what your level of education is, or how much money you make, there’s probably an area or two (or more) where you can improve the way you manage your money. Often times, it takes a professional to bring awareness to these things as we often don’t see them ourselves when we are in the mix of it all. So, if you’re experiencing any of these items below, there’s a good reason to get a financial coach to help you with your money. 

  1. You want to stop worrying about your finances.
  2. You want unbiased advice without being sold a product.
  3. You aren’t sure of the best strategies to pay down debt or save money.
  4. You and your partner have conflicts over money and are looking for harmony.
  5. You want support in overcoming the roadblocks to creating new money habits.
  6. You’re experiencing guilt, shame or overwhelm when you think about your finances.
  7. You want an accountability partner while taking the action steps needed for building confidence with your money.
  8. You want to save for fun and for covering all of your expenses.
  9. You need a plan to ensure you reach your financial goals.
  10. Your current money management just isn’t working. You know you just need help.
  11. You understand that financial coaching is a great investment as you will have a best financial friend (BFF) to help you stay away from making the same decisions that got you to where you are now. 

The reality is that most Americans don’t understand where their money is going which is critical to know. In fact, an article from CNBC stated that 34% of Americans don’t know how much they pay towards debt each month. Given my experience, I know even more people don’t know how to get out of debt. If you feel like you have no way out or don’t know what to do to help yourself, you’re not alone. A financial coach can provide the guidance you need. We educate our clients about their personal finances and, as a team, develop a savings and spending plan that best reflects the clients’ values and goals.