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Mindset Is The Key To Entrepreneurial Success

Money Mentor Group Mindset Success

Some of the lessons I’ve learned through becoming an entrepreneur. This week, I will celebrate a milestone in my business-the six-year anniversary of launching Money Mentor Group! I have learned so many valuable lessons through becoming an entrepreneur and they all are centered around embracing the mindset of success. As I coach new business launchers,…

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Financial Literacy: Teach Your Children Well

Modeling and talking about healthy money habits can start earlier than you think. Financial Literacy is often overlooked as a key component of early childhood education. In fact, it continues to be a gap in many school curriculums, even at the high school and college levels. The lack of formal education about money results in…

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Ten Tips to Jumpstart Your Savings

Trim the spending and rack up the savings. Saving money can sometimes feel almost impossible! There is always a need to save more. Whether it’s to shore-up your emergency fund or build your retirement accounts, here are some steps you can take to begin or maximize your savings. Here are some suggestions that can supercharge…

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Financial Independence: Myth or Reality?

Often referred to as our Money Personality, your approach to managing money can determine how you make financial decisions. Rooted in our Money Mindset, your approach to spending, saving and attitudes about money can catapult you in to success, or leave you feeling stuck, unable to save more or spend less.

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Money and Marriage-What a Mess!

Your money story from the past could be sabotaging a happy marriage in the future. It’s no wonder that conflict around the topic of money is cited as a major cause of arguments in marriages. Money in itself is not to blame, rather it’s our beliefs, thoughts and emotions around money that cause friction between…

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