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Posts by Jane Helm

Your Business Can Still Succeed If You’re Not Good with Money

Being a business owner can be a bit overwhelming. When you first start out, you’re typically wearing every hat in the business. You’re selling your product or service, creating and sending contracts, onboarding clients, servicing clients, and oftentimes, taking care of your invoicing and other bookkeeping tasks. Just because you own the business, does not…

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4 Ways to Achieve Financial Wellness

Have you found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with? If you have, we’re sure there are hundreds of conversations going on around what’s to come in the years you have ahead of you. The big question is, are you talking about your finances and how you can achieve financial…

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Gratitude is defined by Merriam-Webster as, “the state of being grateful.” Feeling gratitude can be challenging no matter the time of year, but especially in November when we celebrate a holiday with the word “thanks” in it, and we begin to be inundated with reminders about how important this emotion can be. Gratitude and gratefulness…

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The Word Budget is Scary

Budget. Are you already having thoughts about giving things up or restricting yourself? If so, you’re not alone. The word budget has budge in it, so it’s no surprise that our emotional brain immediately thinks we’re constricting ourselves when we’re on a budget because we can’t budge.  Budget and Diet The word budget is much…

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Signs Your Relationship May Be Under Financial Stress

We hear it all the time…one of the main causes of divorce is money. It’s not necessarily the money itself that causes it but the behaviors around money that create tension in relationships. This tension can cause too much strain over time and result in divorce. Therefore, it’s best to be able to recognize signs…

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