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Posts by Karen Smith

Simple Profit

Being a business owner can be one of the most wonderful, frustrating, exhilarating, scary, and overall emotional things you do in life. If you’ve raised teenagers, you know the feeling! One of the hardest aspects of owning a business can be the financial piece. Typically, you go into business because of your love of an…

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Downsizing or Rightsizing?

My husband, Bob, and I just bought a 1300 square foot 1969 rancher. The funny thing is, it is almost an exact replica of the 1968 rancher that my late husband and I bought more than 25 years ago, right down to the dark paneling on either side of the brick fireplace in the living…

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Planning For Your Future

Retirement. Downsizing. Words that might be in the back of your mind once you reach a certain age, but believe me, it comes faster and sooner than you expect. And the definition of those words, the reasons behind them, and the timing are different to everyone. There might be various reasons you’re choosing any of…

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My ‘Why’

I’ve had a smile on my face since I picked up my book, “I Didn’t See That Coming!” from the printers a few weeks ago. Not only is it from the excitement about getting it printed, but it was also the culmination of a dream that began forming five years ago, two years after Sam’s…

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I Didn’t See That Coming!

Financial Documents. Planning for the unexpected. ‘What if’ scenarios. Words and phrases that can often strike fear and anxiety in most of us. But it doesn’t have to be that way. As with any subject, the more you can learn, the more you can release your fear around that topic and begin to plan and…

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