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Stop Dreaming and Start Doing

It takes more than willpower and a vision to reach our goals. By incorporating some small, regular action steps, along with minding your mindset, the big goals you’ve planned can be achieved. You can create the life of your BIG DREAMS!

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january 2021 calendar

2020 threw most of us a curve when it came to financial wellness and planning. If you’re like most people, your “best laid plans” made in good faith last January went awry as the year unfolded, full as it was with COVID-related challenges. According to Principal, 22% of Americans said they considered their top financial…

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batch of credit cards

When applying for a credit card, which variables factor most during the approval process? Each credit card issuer uses their own formula for evaluating applicants, but the general requirements are similar-—in fact, some of the requirements, including minimum age, are mandated by laws such as the Credit Card Act of 2009.  Thanks to the Card…

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