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The Power of Group Coaching

group coaching

Brene Brown says “True belonging doesn’t require that we change who we are; it requires that we be who we are.” Group coaching allows you to be who you are in a group of like-minded people – the ones who are faced with similar challenges and goals. As a participant, you become part of a…

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Looking Foward After the Holiday

How are you feeling now that the holiday season is behind us, with fleeting memories of all the preparation, shopping and dare I say, spending? Chances are, you’re feeling a little tired and maybe some let down. Many of us suffer from “Holiday Hangover,” which typically begins on the first day back to work, or…

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What to Consider When Setting Financial Goals

As a business owner, you’ve probably at least thought about the financial goals that you have for 2020. You may have even written them down. The question is, are these goals really attainable? Goals are great but you want to make sure that all of the goals you’re setting aren’t so big that you can’t…

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20 Tips for Saving Money in 2020

Have you found yourself saying things like “I’ll start saving next week” or “I’ll start spending less next month”? If so, you’ve probably also found yourself having the greatest of intentions but not really sticking to those “promises” you’ve made to yourself. Well, now is the best time to get on track! We are at…

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The Importance of Being in a Community of Business Owners

Being a business owner has its ups and downs, but one of the unique and sometimes difficult aspects to being a solo-preneur is the alone-ness of running your own business. While you get to be the one to make the decisions and craft exactly the business you want to create, it’s difficult for anyone who…

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