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Leveraging Your Bank Accounts

Strategies for Giving Every Dollar You Earn a “Job.” Bank accounts can have specific uses, and strategically implementing some “jobs” for your accounts can make managing your money more palatable. In order to get started, it is important that you understand various types of bank accounts. Here are some basic bank account types and terms:…

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Frugal and Frivolous: The PERFECT Combination

We have choices in where and how we spend our money. At Money Mentor Group, we believe in dreaming BIG, and making sure that we can fund those things that bring joy. Adopting some frugality can allow you to be frivolous with funding what matters to you most.

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How To Start Preparing Your 2021 Budget

january 2021 calendar

2020 threw most of us a curve when it came to financial wellness and planning. If you’re like most people, your “best laid plans” made in good faith last January went awry as the year unfolded, full as it was with COVID-related challenges. According to Principal, 22% of Americans said they considered their top financial…

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