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Financial Literacy: Teach Your Children Well

Modeling and talking about healthy money habits can start earlier than you think. Financial Literacy is often overlooked as a key component of early childhood education. In fact, it continues to be a gap in many school curriculums, even at the high school and college levels. The lack of formal education about money results in…

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Why My Husband Doesn’t Care What I Spend

These 3 habits have helped us avoid conflict over money in our marriage. As a Financial Coach, I often work with spouses who are quick to point the finger at their partner for their money woes, blaming them for their issues with debt, living paycheck to paycheck or not having any savings. The husband will…

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Money and Marriage-What a Mess!

Your money story from the past could be sabotaging a happy marriage in the future. It’s no wonder that conflict around the topic of money is cited as a major cause of arguments in marriages. Money in itself is not to blame, rather it’s our beliefs, thoughts and emotions around money that cause friction between…

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Seven Steps to Effective Goal Setting

Stop Dreaming and Start Doing

It takes more than willpower and a vision to reach our goals. By incorporating some small, regular action steps, along with minding your mindset, the big goals you’ve planned can be achieved. You can create the life of your BIG DREAMS!

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