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Fighting to Make the World A Better Place

I recently found out that I’m going to be a Grandma for the first time! Like most first-time grandmothers, I’m suddenly in baby mode! I’m noticing babies in strollers as I take my daily walks, I’m looking online at all the new baby gadgets that have been invented since my children were infants back in the early 1990s and I’m driving my poor daughter crazy asking her to show me her new ‘baby bump’ on a daily basis. Everyone tells me that being a Grandma is awesome and I cannot wait!

But I’ve also been thinking about the world in which this baby will be born into. A world in which viruses with no known vaccine or treatment is requiring us to socially distance from another, shut down some sectors of our economy and live in fear. A world in which racism has once again been catapulted into our national conscience because yet another Black person has died at the hands of a police officer who abused his power. A world in which our abuse of the environment has caused such extensive global warming that she cannot go outside to play because it’s too hot for humans to endure. 

My grandchild will be multiracial and Jewish. Her heritage will include Germans, Panamanians, Russians, Lithuanians and Blacks. Her family will be made up of Christians, Jews, Gays and Straights. She will undoubtedly experience racism, antisemitism and probably sexism too. It will break my heart.  According to the latest US Census, just under 3% of the population categorizes themselves as being of two or more races.

And about 2.1% of the American population identifies themselves as Jewish.

My granddaughter will undoubtedly look and feel different than many of the other kids on the playground.

Like most new grandparents, I’ve been thinking about what I can do to make her world a better place.  My pledge to my yet unborn grandchild:

I will fight to make the world a better place, not just for you but for ALL children.  I will do this by getting involved in my community, using the power of my vote, standing up for what I believe in during conversations with others and giving financially to causes that align with my values.

I will try to be an example to you in how I live.  I will honor the environment, I will surround myself with people of all faiths, races, sexual orientations and lifestyles, I will not be wasteful with my time, money or ‘stuff’ and I will demonstrate kindness, love, acceptance and gratitude.

I will love and support her parents. I will respect the rules they set for you, honor their wishes in how they want you to be raised and show you what a strong family looks like.

I will use my money as a tool to improve your life and the life of your generation. I will spend money for education, experiences and opportunities rather than toys, clothes and gadgets. 

Lastly, I will teach you to be proud of who you are, confident in your abilities, passionate about making an impact on the world and have a deep sense of right and wrong. I will do this by praising you when it’s deserved, letting you make mistakes, trying new things, giving you an abundance of hugs and kisses and encouraging your uniqueness.

As a Financial Coach, I help people change their mindsets, beliefs, emotions and behavior around their finances when they are struggling to reach their financial goals. At Money Mentor Group, we believe that until you understand WHY you do WHAT you do with your money, changing your financial behavior is almost impossible. Being a Financial Coach is like being a grandmother in some ways. As a Financial Coach, I need to be an example for my clients. As a Financial Coach, I need to be a cheerleader, an accountability partner and a teacher.  As a Financial Coach, I need to show support, sometimes I need to show some tough love and sometimes I need to hold a hand or two. As a Financial Coach, I need to provide my clients with tools they can use to create the life they desire and exercises to help them better understand themselves. Kinda like a grandmother, wouldn’t you say?

Let’s join together for a collective Amen.