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Checklists and Guides

At Money Mentor Group, we embrace our mission to Educate, Encourage and Empower our clients and community in creating confidence with their everyday money.

Below you will find a variety of FREE tools to increase your financial well-being.

Stop Fighting About Money

“How to Talk to Your Partner About Money (Without Breaking Into a Fight)” Learn how to improve your love relationship as you improve your money relationship.

Ultimate Tax Prep Checklist

Getting all of your tax prep documents together can be just as daunting as actually filing your taxes! Grab our free Tax Prep Checklist to help you get organized.

Life Documents Checklist

Do you have all of your important life documents – legal, financial, and insurance? Do your loved ones know where they are?

Financial Prosperity Goal Setting Guide

Plan to Prosper

Financial success doesn’t happen by accident. Learn how to Plan to Prosper. Download our Free Worksheet: “Financial Prosperity Goal Setting Handout”

Wouldn't it be great if you had money set aside for life's special events?

Birthdays, festivals, holidays, and those one-of-a-kind expenses feel like they pop up, don't they?

Download this guide and never be caught off-guard again!


Thank you for your interest. You can download your material here. We hope you find the information helpful and look forward to speaking with you soon.