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How I Trained My Brain To Be Frugal

You can shift from Spender to Saver.

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When I was a teenager, I used to tell my mother that I was going to be fabulously rich one day.

Not because I had any money goals such as retiring comfortably or being able to pass money
down to my children or giving generously to charity. I simply wanted to be able to shop in
Bloomingdales without having to scour the sale racks! I wanted to be able to have a seemingly
unlimited supply of funds to go out with my friends, pamper myself and shop the latest trends.
Ah, to be young!

Fast forward to my twenties and I’m married and a new mother and the reality of having to be financial self-sufficient sets in. My money is now flowing out to the electric company, the insurance provider and the landlord. But I was still burning to shop and spend!

Fast forward again to my fifties and I now pride myself in how frugal I’ve become. MyMy thought
process around money has completely changed over the years where I now feel better about
saving money than spending money! Talk about a cosmic mind shift!


  1. Before I buy anything, I figure out how many hours of work it will take to earn enough to purchase the item. I then ask myself, “Is it worth X numbers of hours working?”
  2. I have my long-term financial goals written down. I’m keeping my eye on the prize! I know that every dollar I spend today makes my long-term financial goal harder to reach.
  3. I reward myself for good behavior with positive reinforcement. When I pass up that cute pair of shoes or decide I can live with that worn out chair a little longer, I give myself a personal high five! I literally will say to myself, “Good job, girl!”
  4. When I feel like I ‘deserve’ something that I want to spend money on, I turn that phrase around and say “What I deserve is money in the bank!”. “What I deserve is a secure financial future”. It’s all about semantics!
  5. I track my spending and saving every month. When I see my money coming in and going out in a visual way, I gain huge clarity around my spending. No more thinking I have plenty of money left to spend this month. I KNOW exactly how much I’ll need to pay all my bills and how much I’ve committed to spending. Then I know how much is left!
  6. I’ve designed my life to support being frugal. If credit cards are too tempting, get them out of your wallet. Just leave them put away in a place that’s not easy to access. If your debit card is calling out to you, automatically transfer money out of your bank account into an account at another bank every time you get paid. This way, spending money is hard!
  7. I’ve surrounded myself with other frugal people. Who’s in your ‘tribe’ and do they share your financial values? If your friends constantly want to do things that cost money, maybe you’re ‘hanging’ with the wrong crowd. Find a tribe that values frugality just as much as you do.

You can ‘retrain your brain’ but it takes some work.

The first place to start is by getting true clarity around what you are actually spending right now.

If you aren’t tracking your spending on a consistent basis, start doing this.

We can help! Schedule a free Clarity Call to find out how we can work together.

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