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Jane is a Certified Financial Coach who followed her passion to help people with their everyday financial decision making. After meeting with hundreds of clients in the financial services arena, she felt called to bridge the gap between the emotional and behavioral aspect of financial well-being and the knowledge of how money works. She specializes in helping her clients gain clarity around financial goal setting, communication and action steps that lead to increased confidence in their money lives.

Having earned her degree in Social Work and Psychology, the transition to coaching has been a natural fit. She collaborates with her clients in taking meaningful and consistent steps to achieve a life of financial self-assurance. Guiding her clients through a process of discovering their core beliefs and emotions around money, she leads them to an increased awareness of self-limiting behaviors in everyday financial decision making.

One of Jane’s foundational tools is a deep dive in to each client’s money story. She learned from her own story that our earliest experiences and internal dialogues can be a source of negative behavior with money. This is especially effective when working with couples, as it brings a new awareness to each partner in learning how to communicate and set common financial goals.

She co-authored a workbook, My Money, My Wealth which is the foundation for the Financial Literacy Classes she teaches statewide. As a sought out public speaker, she has given workshops and motivational talks to many community organizations.

Jane is a lifelong resident of Maryland and has resided in Frederick for over 25 years. She serves on the Board of The Women’s Business Network and is a Partner Coach with Wholistic Women Retreats. She volunteers at The United Way Prosperity Center as a trainer for their Budget Coach program. She enjoys spending as much time as possible with her family, her husband Mike, daughters Emma and Megan and two grandchildren.

Contact Jane: jane@moneymentorgroup.com

Why your employees need Jane...

32% of Americans are losing sleep over their personal finances.

--Rakesh Sharma, business and technology journalist, Forbes

30% to 80% of financially distressed workers spend time at their place of employment worrying about personal finances and dealing with financial issues instead of working.

--E. Thomas Garman, professor emeritus, Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Financially unwell employees do not make the best decisions for themselves regarding retirement planning, pre-tax health and dependent care and other employee benefits.

--Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy

Companies that implement financial literacy programs realize a return on their investments.

--Sharlyn Lauby, HR blogger focusing on workplace issues