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About Money Mentor Group

We offer financial coaching to individuals, couples and small groups to build a better understanding of how to transform those good intentions with money into action steps-ones that will lead to positive financial outcomes that have previously seemed impossible.

Money Mentor Group is committed to providing financial education that enables clients to create healthy relationships with their money, resulting in lifelong financial confidence.

After fifteen years in financial services, Jane followed her passion to help people with their everyday money. After meeting with hundreds of clients, she recognized that so many felt stuck in behaviors that led to frustration and overwhelm. Having personally worked through these emotional barriers herself, she had a keen sense of empathy and compassion around these issues.

Jane has a passion to help others understand their “Money Story” as a key to transforming their relationship with money. She facilitates a deeper understanding of the “why” with money and then concentrates on the “how” to move forward with daily financial decision making.

As a money mentor, Jane teaches Financial Literacy classes across the state of Maryland to students of all age levels. She has developed a curriculum that delivers the building blocks needed for a strong Financial Foundation.

In 2016, she began collaborating with Karen Smith, who after losing her husband suddenly in 2010, developed a focus on helping clients prepare for a “Life Event.” Karen’s initiatives are aligned with the mission of Money Mentor Group, as this planning is essential to overall financial well-being.

Jane believes that the "Money Story” is a gateway to understanding your foundational beliefs and emotions around the topic of money. While each person’s story is unique, most people have patterns in financial decision making that are based in an emotional response to their earliest “money messages”. Some of the common themes of themes of these stories are:

  • Money Aversion
  • Money Scarcity
  • Money Prestige
  • Money Diligance

By facilitating the process of identifying the key money-related components in your memories, Jane helps bring a new awareness to emotions and history driving your relationship with money. You can begin to see how you think about and handle money, and how this can affect your financial health.

Jane shares her own Money Story at many of her presentations. She reveals her past dysfunctional relationship with money, which led to extreme debt and subsequent shame, guilt, overwhelm and hopelessness. Her journey to a solid financial foundation is her “why”. By gaining an understanding of her perception of the messages she received as a child, she was able to transform her relationship with money from scarcity to abundance. Combining her financial services experience with her money story gives Jane a unique ability to provide you with a new sense of direction in creating a new chapter of your Money Story.

A Life Event

A Life Event can come in many forms. It is an occurrence that has a significant emotional and financial impact on your life, and can be either planned or unplanned. Some of the major examples are: divorce; death or disability of yourself, a spouse, a child or a parent; loss or change of jobs, or re-location; child’s college education or marriage; or retirement.

By ensuring that you have documents – legal, financial and insurance – in place, and access to pertinent information, you and your loved ones will be more prepared to successfully navigate through the event.

Karen shares her own story of losing her husband suddenly, and her subsequent voyage through the world of wills, life insurance, financial realities, and learning how to move forward. Karen and her husband had been woefully unprepared for such a moment, and she hopes that her own story will encourage others to take important steps in ordering their documents and information while they still have the time

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