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Money Story

Jane believes that the "Money Story” is a gateway to understanding your foundational beliefs and emotions around the topic of money. While each person’s story is unique, most people have patterns in financial decision making that are based in an emotional response to their earliest “money messages”. Some of the common themes of themes of these stories are:

  • Money Aversion
  • Money Scarcity
  • Money Prestige
  • Money Diligance

By facilitating the process of identifying the key money-related components in your memories, Jane helps bring a new awareness to emotions and history driving your relationship with money. You can begin to see how you think about and handle money, and how this can affect your financial health.

Jane shares her own Money Story at many of her presentations. She reveals her past dysfunctional relationship with money, which led to extreme debt and subsequent shame, guilt, overwhelm and hopelessness. Her journey to a solid financial foundation is her “why”. By gaining an understanding of her perception of the messages she received as a child, she was able to transform her relationship with money from scarcity to abundance. Combining her financial services experience with her money story gives Jane a unique ability to provide you with a new sense of direction in creating a new chapter of your Money Story.

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