Get to the core of self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that may be keeping you from reaching financial success. We will utilize a series of tools and strategies to set up a personalized plan that helps you to:

  • Identify and overcome emotional blocks and limiting beliefs with money.
  • Develop skills to make financial decisions that will lead to increased confidence with your finances.
  • Reduce financial stress by implementing personalized debt repayment and savings enhancement strategies.

Learn to work as a team to reach your financial goals through enhanced communication skills and goal setting. Discover new approaches to help understand your partner's perspectives, emotional triggers, and behavior with money, while creating harmony in your relationship. We will work with you to:

  • Create understanding, awareness and compassion with your money partner.
  • Develop tools in creating common goals with your everyday financial decisions.
  • Experience financial harmony as you learn effective communication techniques when discussing your finances.

Boost employee productivity and retention by giving them access to a money mentor when needed. Employees learn the basics of building a solid financial foundation through the Financial Foundations classes taught using Jane's workbook, My Money, My Wealth.

Learn more about the Financial Foundations Class here.

Be inspired by hope-filled motivational messages around money management. You will be motivated to create a new approach to living a life of harmony with their money. These presentations are adapted to the unique needs of a variety of audiences, including including networking groups and civic organizations.

Topics include:

  • Wealth Within Reach
  • The Money Story – What's the Next Chapter
  • Money Personalities
  • Giving Permission – To What and To Whom
  • A Positive Money Mindset

Get started on improving your Money Story today! Money Mentor Group will customize your coaching package to meet your needs. For more information on Money Mentor Group's services or to set up your appointment today, contact Jane at