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Personal Financial Coaching

Overcome roadblocks and set up a personalized money plan that works for you.

Many people are overwhelmed by debt, or confused about where the money is going. This can be a major source of anxiety for individuals, and often creates tension for couples.

When you are able to look at money in new ways, you can learn to control your budget so it doesn't control you.

Through a Deep Dive Session with a Money Mentor Group Coach, you:

  1. Discover how your Money Personality influences your relationship with money.
  2. Create a personalized saving and spending plan that will be easy to implement.
  3. Develop a debt repayment plan that will produce immediate results.
  4. Pinpoint the actions to take to reach your financial goals.

Discover how to eliminate debt, manage a budget, and master a healthy relationship with your money. Schedule a Clarity Call today!

married couple reviewing finances

What others have to say:

"For twenty years - as a couple - we were individually spending money without thinking of how it was coming out of a combined bucket. Jane helped us understand our spending triggers, weaknesses, and personalities. We are now confidently addressing our current financial situation and looking forward to the future using our newfound Jane-tools." - D.A., Adamstown, MD

"Money Mentor Group is awesome. They combine the math/logistics of money management with the hidden psychological issues we all carry about money.  I've been able to face those issues head-on, and move forward in further claiming my money and my life." - D.S., Frederick, MD

“When my adult daughter found herself in financial straits, my wife’s and my own personal finances were severely impacted, and our relationship with our daughter was critically strained. After working with MMG, the positive results of our daughter’s handling of her finances and in our relationship with her were remarkable.” - A.S., Clarksburg, MD.

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