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Success-It’s All in Your Mind!

The mindset you need to turn on the "success switch".

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All of us have longed for success, whether it’s reaching a new goal or up levelling a previous one.

We know we can do more or better and we set our sights on new benchmarks to attain that vision of accomplishment.

Typically, we are enthusiastic about these new ambitions. We are excited and ready to take the steps needed to get to the new version of success.

We plan, strategize and have a strong level of commitment to arrive at the finish line, hoping to look back on our efforts with pride thinking, “I did it!”

But after a short time, we find ourselves falling off track, our enthusiasm waning, making excuses as to why that particular goal won’t be accomplished.

We find reasons to give up. We say things like, “I’m too busy,” or “I don’t really need to accomplish that goal.” Ultimately, we give up. The next phase in NOT achieving a goal is self -loathing-beating ourselves up for not trying harder.

Success in reaching any goal starts and ends with your mind, specifically your mindset. It’s been said that eighty percent of your success in any area of your life is based in your mindset.

The remaining twenty percent is due to circumstance, education and environment.

In order to understand your mindset, it’s important to have some knowledge on how your brain works. The first thing to understand is that our brains are designed to be efficient.

Through repetition, we go about our daily lives on auto pilot, which is how we are designed. This allows our brain to reserve its power for solving unexpected events, for learning new concepts and skills and facing unforeseen adversity.

When we are trying to change the status quo our brains rebel! Even when we are doing something different for fun, the brain messages we start hearing can insert doubt in our abilities almost immediately.

The second fact about how our brains work is that most of what happens in our brains takes place in our subconscious. This area of the brain:

  • Records everything
  • Controls 95% of our lives
  • Is always alert and awake
  • Takes everything literally
  • Is built on habituation
  • Sends information to your conscious brain

Since we are unaware of what is going on in the subconscious, we become stuck in patterns of frustration, often settling for a smaller version of success. We remain stuck in the comfort zone of discomfort. 

I am working on my certification in Neurocoaching, which is centered around mindset work. I have implemented the tools I have learned that enable me to turn on the “success switch,” in a variety of areas in my life.

As I begin to work with clients on learning to find and activate their success switch, here are the key components of this work:

  1. Clarity is key: a deep dive into your “why” is crucial to identifying your motivation, serving as the ultimate reward.
  2. Limiting self- beliefs come from an internal dialogue, an automatic pattern that CAN be rewired.
  3. Willpower is a myth
  4. You cannot outperform your brain’s automation without knowing the tools to move from the safety your brain desires to the success you desire.
  5. You can change the neuroplasticity of your brain, which will position your success switch to turn on your success with increased ease. YOU CAN TRAIN YOUR BRAIN!

Are you ready to turn on your success switch? Are you tired of having one foot on the gas pedal and one foot on the brake pedal? Let’s take your foot off the brakes!

As a Certified Neurocoach®, I am ready to share the tools to elevate your definition of success!

Click here to schedule an informational Clarity Call with me.

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