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The Four Letter Word

crosswordWith a couple of weeks left to shop for the holidays we are in the midst of retail mania. We make our lists and check them twice and it really doesn’t matter who has been naughty or nice! We are in a special time of year when gifts signify love-it’s impossible to put a price tag on something like love, right?

I speak a lot about our inner voices, particularly the one that is the Enabler-the voice of justification, the voice that overpowers our voice of reason to a whisper-so we begin to spend more the we planned, we buy more and more, and more! The Enabler is using a four-letter word that it has heard many times over. It started with the retailers-they use it all the time and now it’s become part of our vernacular, whether we are spending five dollars or five hundred dollars. This damn word automatically decreases the perceived value of every dollar overspent.

I hate this word being used around ANY part of our Personal Savings and Spending Plan-it makes me crazy! Are you hearing your inner voice saying this word when you are saving, too? It’s a word that knocks down the building blocks of security you’ve been working so hard to build.

My girls used this word a lot while in their teenage years, when asking for yet another new cell phone, or the cost of concert tickets, and even for the price of vehicles..can’t really blame them for repeating what they heard over and over on TV, or from their friends who were mimicking this word as if it was indoctrinated into their psyche.

Pay attention! How often are you using this word? It’s so powerful in diminishing the real value of money, and yet we say and hear it all the time. How often is your inner voice using this four-letter word? Are your children using this when wanting something?

What is the four-letter word? It’s a tiny word that carries a big impact on why we do what we do with our money. It feeds our addiction to retail therapy. It diminishes our efforts in short and long term savings.dollar

Have you guessed what this word is yet? Try taking it out of any statement regarding your finances! You can then gain back the power that each dollar holds. It’ll be harder than you think, but so worth it! The  word is “ONLY”…if only we all could stop that enabling and disabling word with our finances-we could give ourselves the gift of reality to start the New Year!