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The Ripple Effect

It was pre-dawn when I found myself awake on the houseboat during my recent vacation. The stars were bright enough to shed light on the lake that surrounded us. The stillness was eerie—the only sounds I could hear were the rhythmic chirping of the forest critters, their cadence like a song that they all know by heart.

I relished in this quiet start to my day. A chance to breathe, to reflect and be still. This was a much-needed contrast to my regular routine of television news, working before the sun comes up, and creating to-do lists for my upcoming day. I took some deep breaths. Breaths of gratitude, breaths of relief, trying to make up for all of the times that my breath had been so shallow over the previous months.

Without warning, a fish jumped, and plopped back into the water. Immediately, there was movement in the lake! A small circle formed the circumference of this lone fish. It began to travel, the circles multiplying and growing larger as they moved away from their origination. The circles grew far and wide, ultimately reaching the shoreline, where they landed with a tiny wave. The wave made its own sound, gently splashing itself against the outer shore.

With just one action, the lake had become a moving art form. The reflection of the trees was now like a kaleidoscope, forming obscure patterns and colors that morphed into shapes that changed every second.  Amazing!

So often times my clients describe feeling stuck in the stillness of their money life, a solitary and lonely place, where hope is lost, and where fear shrouds the possibility of a positive change. They are paralyzed, and so are their visions for being successful with money.

What one action step do you need to take to morph your perspective with your money life? One step can make the all the difference, creating the momentum you may need to begin having hope, clarity and confidence with your finances! One step! Let’s take it together!