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The Ten Keys to Building Wealth

(And How Financial Coaching Can Help you!)

1. Your Mindset:

A core component of wealth is your belief system. If you don’t work with a mindset of abundance, the rest of these steps are useless! Our beliefs drive our emotions, and our emotions determine our behavior. The foundation of Financial Coaching is rooted in this very first tenant of wealth. What money beliefs and behaviors do you need to address?

2. Education:

Do you understand how money works? There is an overload of personal financial information that can be confusing and overwhelming when you are trying to learn about the power of money. Financial Coaching offers you an accelerated learning environment based on your starting point. We mentor the basics of money and how different types of accounts work together to build the wealth you deserve.

3. Motivation:

Building wealth is not a quick process. Staying on track with financial goals can be challenging when clients don’t see fast results. We help our clients to stay the course in recognizing and supporting the incremental emotional and tangible steps they are taking while building their wealth.

4. Focus: 

While working towards money goals, it’s easy to become distracted. Financial Coaching will help you keep your efforts on track.

5. Lifestyle choices: 

Understanding how to align your everyday saving and spending based on your numbers and values is a key to building Financial Abundance. We help our clients to collaborate on a personalized spending and saving plan that is values based and aligned with your priorities.

6. Action Steps:

Taking consistent action steps in moving forward with your goals yields successful financial outcomes. You help in deciding the action steps and we take those step with you, making sure you are moving in the right direction.

7. Patience:

Building wealth takes time. You will learn how to create realistic and measurable timelines that will help you stay the course.

8. Accountability:

It’s tough to stay on track when implementing new action steps. Hiring a coach will allow you to have a partner who will be guiding you through your action steps and making sure you are keeping the promises you have made to yourself.

9. Persistence:

Wealth is not built overnight. It will require a long-term commitment! A financial coach can cheer you on through the journey to building wealth, helping you keep your eye on the prize of financial abundance.

10. Protection:

If you have been struggling with building wealth, it is likely that you need emotional support while implementing the tools we have shared with you. We protect you from discouragement, self-sabotage, and giving up while taking the actions steps we have developed with you.