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The Voice

stencil-default-6When I made my decision to start this business it shocked a lot of my friends and family. I surprised others who knew me well and knew I had been contemplating and dreaming about it for years. You see, I was not known as a risk taker. I always played it safe, staying in jobs where I was valued for my dependability and strategic strengths. I spent decades of my professional life doing everything I could to ensure the success of the businesses-never absent, working extra hours, giving my all so that the business would thrive. And they did! As the revenue grew so did my stencil-default-5compensation, and my pride in knowing that I had an integral part in the success that was a result of some serious butt busting. All the while there was a voice way down inside whispering to me, telling me that I was destined to do more-something bigger than a job. I tried to ignore it, or at least quiet it by reminding myself of the comforts of playing it safe-the direct deposits of security and sitting on the sidelines hushed that voice. Working in the financial services world was definitely a game changer. The voice grew louder, and although the deposits got larger, so did the need to find the source of that inner message.

I am not sure how I found my courage to take a nose dive out of the employee world. I had encouragement and support from my inner most circle-my family, and my closest allies. I had done as much preparation as I could, and knew that I had to stencil-default-7go-some people call this a “leap of faith”. The day I gave my notice I knew it was faith that graced me with the strength I needed and now realize that it was the source of that inner voice.

That voice is my calling. I now hear it loud and clear. I am no longer playing it safe, but living in the faith that my compassion is the gentle truth to so many long for, that my inner voice is no longer a whisper, but my compass as I commit my efforts to transform the lives of others. You see, I know they are listening to their inner voice, the one telling them how stuck they are. The liar, depositing hopelessness, fear and shame into their everyday vernacular. My voice is determined to change the message of scarcity, bringing the possibility of abundance in to the conversation and ultimately to deposit a new inner voice, the one that that will serve as a compass towards authentic prosperity to my clients.