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Three Words

In two of my most recent blog posts, I have shared the one word and two words that can help bring clarity to spending triggers. I speak of these often and now am presenting three words that can save you tons of money when these triggers happen!

These three words are best used when you find yourself in “retail therapy” mode. You are shopping, and not even sure what you’re looking for. You’re on a mission to find something, anything, that will buoy your emotions up to the surface, where they can float, rather than be anchored in the thoughts and feelings that have been weighing you down. Anger, resentment, defeat, overwhelm, and frustration are a small sampling of the heavy stuff we carry in our everyday lives. Loneliness and boredom dwell here too. And so, we go shopping….

We have conditioned ourselves to look to “retail therapy” as a fix when we are feeling down. It may help to know that there is a biological basis for persuing retail therapy as our go to for emotional repair. The endorphins that shoot through our brains when we find something we want and buy it lifts our mood! So of course, we feel better! But for how long?

The next time you are seeking that fix, remember these three words: WAIT A MINUTE!!! In that minute, put whatever item you have bonded with down. Walk away, and begin using a muscle that you may have never used before. Start doing the repetitions needed to build this muscle. If you have never done this before, it going to hurt. That minute can seem like five minutes.

The muscle you are building is the one of delayed gratification. In this minute, ask yourself if buying <_________> will lead to the emotional outcome you are seeking with your money. Will this purchase lead to more confidence, calm or security with your money? Or is the consequence going to leave you stuck in the emotions of shame, guilt and fear? Are you adding to that overwhelming debt? What would happen if you took the action step of saving this money?

When working with private clients, we work on waiting to buy optional items for a week! They always object and usually say that the item will be gone by the time this waiting period is over. Guess what? It just may be! I always assure them that they will find something else they want to buy just as badly.

This time out has saved my clients thousands of dollars! But more importantly, they have learned to delay materialistic rewards, knowing that their emotional rewards far outweigh anything they could buy. They have built their bottom line by waiting a minute. What are you waiting for??