Business Coaching

As a business owner, it’s likely you started your business because you had a passion to help others. Your product or service improves your client’s lives or fulfills a need or desire. But while running your own business has many rewarding qualities, it can also be extremely demanding and stressful. We get it!

Ask yourself:

  • Do financial and other challenges drain your energy and pull your focus away from your clients?
  • Have you lost enthusiasm as the demands for running a profitable business becomes overwhelming?
  • Are you juggling too many balls?

Let us show you how to spend your time on your “why” while gaining confidence and clarity with your business finances and other important numbers.

Business coaching

Jane Helm and Karen Smith are your Profitability Power Team! Jane has an extensive background in business operations and expertise in the money mindset. Karen’s experience includes over two decades of accounting and small business consulting. Together, they bring unique and powerful solutions to Small Businesses and can help you gain clarity and focus on how to decrease overwhelm and increase efficiency and profitability. Contact us today to power up your business!

Business Coaching Packages

Which package is right for you? Check out the overview of each below.

Business Deep Dive


Make sure your “why” isn’t lost in the “how” of running your business! Take a Deep Dive into your business and see how numbers can help you get clarity on your purpose and direction.

A two-session package designed to work with you:

  • Visualize your Ideal client
  • Analyze your average revenue/client
  • Identify your sources of new business
  • Detail your current record-keeping practices – familiarity / frequency / understanding
  • Gain insights on your current situation
  • Eliminate overwhelm with your numbers
  • Identify key areas of focus
  • Establish key action steps


Points to Profit: Creating Your Profitability Plan©

Get crystal clear on not only where you are now, but creating profitability for your future based on your values and goals.

A four-month package designed to work closely with you to help you and your business SOAR:

  • Processes and Profitability Go Hand In Hand
    • Gain insights on where your business stands now
    • Establish and prioritize values, goals and milestones
    • Determine the best use of your time, money and attention to grow your business
    • Take overwhelm and turn it into productivity by increasing efficiencies
    • Design your schedule to eliminate overwhelm and increase revenue
  • Ups and Downs of Being a Business Owner
    • Learn techniques to address the emotional aspect of owning a business
    • Eliminate Imposter Syndrome
    • Follow a Point System and the Numbers Will Follow
    • Identify Financial Principles
    • Create a personalized cash flow system for your business
    • Leverage your strengths in creating your life with money
    • Create a Points system to creating revenue
  • Ramp it up!
    • Plan your success months in advance
    • Craft your Profitability Plan®
    • Identify key action steps

$250 down (without a prior Business Deep Dive) / $750/month x 4 months

Get started on improving your business's focus and finances today! Money Mentor Group will customize your coaching package to meet your needs. For more information on Money Mentor Group's services or to set up your appointment today, visit our Contact Page.