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Business Coaching

Gain the clarity and focus needed to reduce stress and make more money.


Knowing your numbers means owning your future.

As a business owner, it’s likely you started your business because you had a passion to help others. Your product or service improves your client’s lives or fulfills a need or desire.

While running your own business has many rewarding qualities, it can also be extremely demanding and stressful. We get it! Through our work consulting with small businesses on aspects of accounting and operations, we see this struggle all the time.

Ask yourself:

  • Do financial and other challenges drain your energy and pull your focus away from your clients?
  • Have you lost enthusiasm as the demands for running a profitable business becomes overwhelming?
  • Are you juggling too many balls?

Let us show you how to spend your time on your “why” while gaining confidence and clarity with your business finances and other important numbers.

Learn how focusing on a few key financials can help you
improve your business while reconnecting with your purpose.

Step 1: Business Deep Dive
$995 for this 2-part Coaching Package

Make sure your “why” isn’t lost in the “how” of running your business!

Take a Deep Dive into your business and see how numbers can help you get clarity on your purpose and direction.

Your Money Mentor Coach will help you:

  • Visualize your Ideal Clients - the ones that are profitable and eager to do business with you
  • Analyze your average revenue-per-client, and how to maximize this key metric
  • Identify sources of new business that are hiding in plain sight
  • Detail your current record-keeping practices – familiarity / frequency / understanding
  • Know what to focus on AND the critical actions to take

Eliminate overwhelm with your numbers and gain insights on your current situation. Schedule a Business Deep Dive today!


Step 2: Points to Profit: Creating Your Profitability Plan©
$2795 or four monthly payments of $750

Once your Business Deep Dive is complete, use the power of your values and goals to create a profitable future.

Would you like to be able to plan your success - months in advance? What would it feel like to eliminate "imposter syndrome" and harness your financial emotions?

Gain the focus, understanding and guidance you need to help your business SOAR!

  • Design your schedule to eliminate overwhelm and increase revenue
  • Uncover operational process problems that are killing your profitability
  • Gain insights on how healthy (or troubled) your business really is right now
  • Determine the best use of your time, money and attention to grow your business
  • Learn how a Point System can increase your revenue and rev up your financial health
  • Understand the key Financial Principles that lead to stronger cash flow and better business decisions

Make this your best business year yet. Book your Business Deep Dive and Profitability Plan® together!

Schedule a Clarity Call
It's time to master a healthy relationship with your money.

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