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Business Deep Dive

Make sure your “why” isn’t lost in the “how” of running your business! Take a Deep Dive into your business and see how numbers can help you get clarity on your purpose and direction.

A two-session package designed to work with you:

  • Visualize your Ideal client
  • Analyze your average revenue/client
  • Identify your sources of new business
  • Detail your current record-keeping practices – familiarity / frequency / understanding
  • Gain insights on your current situation
  • Eliminate overwhelm with your numbers
  • Identify key areas of focus
  • Establish key action steps


Points to Profit: Creating Your Profitability Plan©

Get crystal clear on not only where you are now, but creating profitability for your future based on your values and goals.

A four-month package designed to work closely with you to help you and your business SOAR:

  • Processes and Profitability Go Hand In Hand
    • Gain insights on where your business stands now
    • Establish and prioritize values, goals and milestones
    • Determine the best use of your time, money and attention to grow your business
    • Take overwhelm and turn it into productivity by increasing efficiencies
    • Design your schedule to eliminate overwhelm and increase revenue
  • Ups and Downs of Being a Business Owner
    • Learn techniques to address the emotional aspect of owning a business
    • Eliminate Imposter Syndrome
    • Follow a Point System and the Numbers Will Follow
    • Identify Financial Principles
    • Create a personalized cash flow system for your business
    • Leverage your strengths in creating your life with money
    • Create a Points system to creating revenue
  • Ramp it up!
  • Plan your success months in advance
  • Craft your Profitability Plan®
  • Identify key action steps

$250 down (without a prior Business Deep Dive) / $750/month x 4 months

Wouldn't it be great if you had money set aside for life's special events?

Birthdays, festivals, holidays, and those one-of-a-kind expenses feel like they pop up, don't they?

Download this guide and never be caught off-guard again!


Thank you for your interest. You can download your material here. We hope you find the information helpful and look forward to speaking with you soon.