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Financial Wellness Classes

Boost productivity and profits by providing educational programs for employees.

Did you know?

32% of Americans are losing sleep over their personal finances.

—Rakesh Sharma, business and technology journalist, Forbes

Companies that implement financial literacy programs realize a return on their investments.

—Sharlyn Lauby, HR blogger focusing on workplace issues

53% of employees reported being stressed about money, with 46% pointing to finances as the top stressor in their life.

- PwC Employee Financial Wellness Survey, 2017

30% to 80% of financially distressed workers spend time at their place of employment worrying about personal finances and dealing with financial issues instead of working.

—E. Thomas Garman, professor emeritus, Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Financially unwell employees do not make the best decisions for themselves regarding retirement planning, pre-tax health and dependent care and other employee benefits.

—Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy

Help employees take control of their financial life and deal with their most pressing financial challenges.

Financially burdened employees can have a negative impact on the workplace, leading to higher rates of absenteeism and lower productivity. When you increase your employee's confidence with their finances, research supports that you will also see a boost in workplace productivity and profits for your company.

We combine educational tools and a unique approach to behavior change to INCREASE:

  • Overall wellbeing of the employee
  • Productivity
  • Employee Retention
  • Clarity on total compensation, including corporate benefits
  • Participation in Corporate Retirement Plans


  • Employee stress
  • Premature distributions and loans from Retirement Plans
  • Request for payday advances
  • Absenteeism

Each program is customized to fit your company’s needs. A short employee survey helps us craft the class structure, ensuring that the program is addressing the specific concerns that are weighing your staff down.

Work Financial Wellness Classes

Show your employees you care about their financial knowledge by offering this course. 

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Since 2010, Money Mentor Group has taught numerous Workforce Financial Wellness programs to the corporate audience, including these clients:

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