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Financial Wellness Workshops for Groups of All Kinds

Explore your relationship with money, guided by one of our expert facilitators.

Choose from one of these popular financial wellness workshop topics.

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"How to Write Your Money Story"

Have you ever thought about your Money Story? Everyone has one, although you may not have ever realized it!

Your Money Story is the autobiographical foundation of your core beliefs, emotions, and behaviors you have with money. Whether you typically experience success or constantly feel stuck and overwhelmed with your finances, it is rooted in your Money Story. 

Learning how to begin writing this part of your story will help you understand why you do what you do with money. Most of your behavior with money is a result of the messages you received during various stages of your life, especially your childhood. By uncovering what you observed and absorbed during the formation of you Money Story, you will:

  • Uncover what you believe about money and from where those beliefs come 
  • Have the opportunity to decide if your core money beliefs are serving you . . . or not!
  • Clarify which emotions are driving your behavior with money 
  • Identify next steps in creating a positive relationship with your money

Creating your Money Story will empower you to begin a new chapter, one where you understand why and how to shift your beliefs, emotions, and behavior, so that you can create increased confidence with your money.

"Preparing for a Life Event:  Are you and your documents ready?"

Although we recognize the importance of getting our important financial, legal, and insurance documents together and letting others know of our wishes, taking the necessary steps to make that happen is sometimes difficult.

This workshop will include accountability and tools for gathering and reviewing these important documents, and is based on Karen Smith's book“I Didn’t See That Coming!"

Following Karen’s proven Life Event Advance Planning (LEAP) process, you’ll learn how to identify what you have, what you lack, and the importance of not only reviewing the documents, but having discussions with your loved ones so that everyone is better prepared for a Life Event.  

Joining this workshop will make the process of getting your documents together easier and less intimidating, giving you peace of mind. 

*A copy of the book is not required; however, it will be available at the workshop to purchase for $30 if you are interested. 

Need to master a healthy relationship with your money? Work it out in a concentrated workshop.

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Money and Marriage: The Five Reasons You Keep Fighting About Money!

Is the topic of money a giant flashpoint in your marriage? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


Money conflict is one of the leading causes of divorce and can test even the best of relationships. But it doesn't have to be this way.


We've created a video to help you and your spouse finally create money harmony! Coaches Alissa and Jane will explain the Five Reasons You and Your Spouse Keep Fighting About Money!


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